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Thoughts of Cleansing March 8, 2010

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My 6 a.m. client was in rear form this morning.  I stepped her workout program up a notch.  Increased the intensity by decreasing the rest time between sets and introduced two full body endurance exercises between the strength sets.  She rose to the occasion and pushed her body, heart, and mind until saline sweat began to wash away the surprise.  The last thing I remember her saying: “that was a great workout.”

The hormone high you get from intense exercise is in stark contrast to what most people experience during a cleansing program.  Most cleansing/detox regimens involve some type of dietary restriction.  From liquid diets to citrus fruit only, the object of the ritual is to heal, strengthen and accelerate the bodies detoxification systems.  This usually involves, reduced solid nutrition intake, reduced physical activity and increased bowel evacuation.  The emotional effects of this change body chemistry can run the course of feeling grumpy, scared,  fatigued, achy and nauseous in the beginning to requiring less sleep and feeling lite, serene, alert, connected and sated by the end.

Tomorrow I begin my personal Spring Cleaning with a 3 day water only fast.  I’ve done this many times before, but must admit I’ve been off my game for a while.  Not anticipating anything out of the ordinary but who knows.  Age has a way of revealing little hidden (read: forgotten) injuries and weak points in bodies and energy field of dreams.  So I will be chronicling my symptoms and reporting them on this blog.  Let me know if anything sounds familiar to your experiences.  Let’s do our own barefoot research.


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