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I’d forget my breakfast, if I was’nt fasting March 9, 2010

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So I’m training a client this morning, guiding her through a  strength training  routine we have done several times before. This time we have  increased weight.  As we complete a set and I reached for a few almonds she keeps on a table in the  work out area (I train clients in their homes, residential gyms, offices, etc.).  After chewing a handful of nuts it hits me “oh shht, I’m fasting today.”

Not the first time this has happened to me over the years.  I have been practicing fasting in various guises over the past 35 years.  In the beginning, I never had this problem. I was always super aware of the fact that I was not eating.  And wanted everyone else to know also.   Now, it’s just another part of my life.  Like exchanging the  fall/winter attire in my closet for spring/summer wear.  Sometime it gets done early in the season.  But some years I find myself digging in the chest for the appropriate seasonal attire after arriving home soaked in sweat from wearing a wool sweater on a 65 degree day.  Eating the almonds was a similar experience.   My first thoughts: “How could you be so forgetful?”  Then my inner slacker kicked in “relax, it’s only a few almonds and she doesn’t even know your fasting.”  Thanks Slacker, I needed that.

So what do I do?  Do I postpone the beginning of my fast until tomorrow (the purist path)?  Should I revise my plans and include almond milk as part of my liquid diet for the next few days?  Or just say “Oops, my bad” and keep it moving.  I’m definitely an oops kind of guy.  So let’s just keep this little hiccup between you and me.

The rest of today will be just water.  So far I’ve downed 2 liters.  Since it’s only day one, I intend to go ahead with my scheduled strength workout for the day.  I’ll let you know how that works out tomorrow.


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