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When creativity wanes. April 1, 2010

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In todays economy, in fact in todays world, it’s no longer enough to “know your stuff”.  Being relevant in ‘the game’ (whatever field you play on) requires us to continually reinvent, our product/service, our marketing, our mission, our recruiting and sometimes ourselves.  The advent of mega-mass communications (the internet) has resulted in an exponentially growing tide of information overload that makes it difficult to be heard above the crowd.  Becoming a Purple Cow is not easy when everyone else is trying to do the same.

To get the creative juices flowing, it’s sometimes necessary to do the opposite of what the experts would advise, which is to dig in and push until you come up with something astounding.  Creative ideas are a bit shy and don’t necessarily adhere to the usual rules. I would suggest taking a step back.  Ease up on the gas,  pull over and take a look at the  scenery you drive by each day, totally unawares.  What I’m saying is, to boost your creative faculties, it may be best to pay them no attention.  Don’t try to force insights, intuitions and genius.  When your genius-soul has something unique and mind blowing to share with you (and the world) it will smack you upside your head and get your complete and undivided attention.

Here are some techniques for getting the creative juices flowing:

  • Take a hike, literally. To the urbanized mind,  nature is a fascinating and awe inspiring environment which can awaken the dormant centers in our brains.  Exercise your wild side by visiting a forest, mountains, beach, lake, cave, river (boat, kayak, swim, etc.)
  • If you can’t escape the city (I’m sorry), then you need to find some alternate routes of travel.  Commute to and from work by a different route than usual.  Allow your brain to exercise it’s discovery muscles and realize that their is a bigger world than the rat maze.  Turn off the GPS.  Technology is not evil, but it can retard our faculties when we become addicted to it.
  • Read something you usually would not.  If fiction is your thing, read a non-fiction.  If the Times is your daily bread, try the Voice or some other left of center publication.  I find reading children’s books very helpful in opening new avenues of thought and exploration.
  • Take 5 a few times a day to reset your internal management systems.  When you complete a project or task for the day, spend  a moment in meditative silence before starting your next task.  Allow your mind to re-organize and close all of it’s open files.  Allow the woman behind the curtain a moment to relax, regroup and center her energy before the next hump.

These are just a few suggestions of the top of my head that will help you give your creativity a boost.  What tricks do you use? Feel free to share with all of us in the comments section below.




2 Responses to “When creativity wanes.”

  1. JoAnn Says:

    I agree, letting your mind free is a good strategy. Hate to say it but a long afternoon nap sometimes helps me get my creative juices going. And of course, a beautiful spring day like today helps.

    • Kazi Says:

      JoAnn, your are absolutely right about an afternoon nap. A nap can be a great aid to increasing clarity and creativity. Just be careful not to let the nap go on too long. 10-20 minutes should be the max for an afternoon nap. Thnx for the tip.

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