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Rise and Shine Your Light Divine April 15, 2010

Filed under: Health — Kazi @ 2:36 pm

Rise and shine your light divine
The morning is your sacred time

Your first steps lead into the day
They open up your private way

Wash yesterdays right down the drain
Now your face is pure and plain

Sit still and listen to your breath
Embracing spirit conquers death

See the day unfold ahead
Plant the seeds of daily bread

Feel the joy of goals achieved
Taste the fruits of rolled up sleeves

Now is time to move the limbs
To dance the rhythm of vintage hymns

Exercise is your right to life
Exorcise till your left with light

Perform your rakas, asanas,sets
Stoke your furnace, work up a sweat

Now full ablution, head to toe
Prepares us for the social show

Now your ready for first meal
But only eat what’s whole and real

For every bite that you consume
Conceals the seed of boon or doom

A prayer before you take a bite
A thank you for this earths delight

Now your ready for the day
To work, to serve, to lead, to play

To shape the world this one more time
To rise and shine your light divine


For a Free Rise and Shine, Sacred Lifestyle-Fitness Consultation
contact Kazi: 973-968-6055

PS. Free Pre-Boot Camp (six sessions) begins this coming Tuesday.


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