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There is more than one way to skim the fat. April 29, 2010

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Whenever I hear a fitness professional, insisting that success in reaching health and fitness goals is based on the ability to force oneself to do the things necessary to achieve those goals, I get a little peeved.

Pushing the idea that will power is the be all and end all
to making changes in one’s life that make dreams come true,
can be the death of any chance at success
for at least seventy five percent of the general population.

Everyone is not a type A, Alpha female, self motivated, go getter. These are just the facts on the ground. Non-constructive criticism doesn’t help someone struggling with sticking to a workout schedule or diet. It just reminds them of past failures and creates doubts about their ability to be successful in the present. 

The latest research in the field of motivation confirms
the position that positive reinforcement is more effective and long lasting than negative reinforcement.

So why do some professionals still cling to this philosophy?

I think most are just ill informed. Some use their own character as a baseline for how everyone else should respond to difficulty. This tunnel vision doesn’t allow them to consider other possibilities, nor resource alternative  methods for motivating clients.

A model I have found to work wonders for those struggling
with making life changes are Group Fitness classes.

Group fitness when done properly can serve as a social support to the individual members of the class. In the boot camps that I run, I’ve witness members organically form friendships that extend beyond boot camp. 

Group members motivate each other by:

  • encouraging each other to push harder
  • being a reminder of why you joined the class when doubts arise
  • assisting each other with challenges that could interrupt attendance
  • sharing information like recipes, amateur sports events, discounts on equipment, local restaurants to get healthy meals, etc.
  • celebrating milestones in there wellness journey together
  • car pooling to boot camp sessions

Our motto  at BodyFit Boot Camp – Branch Brook Park:
“It’s easy to quit when no one is expecting you to show up.
It’s impossible to quit when everyone is cheering
when you show up.”

Showing up for your own goals and dreams is 80% of success.

Being part of a supportive group increases your motivation to show up. Showing up is keeping your word to yourself. The power you derive from this simple action becomes the seed for the manifestation of dreams in every aspect of you life.

Let’s show up for our dreams, for ourselves

and for our kindred spirits support group members.

Show up and show each other the way. 


Tuesday May 4 is the Official Jump Off


BodyFit Boot Camp – Branch Brook Park

Mornings: Tuesday, Thursday 6 AM – Saturdays 7 AM

Evenings:  Tuesday, Thursday 7 PM – Saturdays 7 AM


Side effects of boot camp may include: weight loss, muscle tone, increased energy, libido and cat calls.

In essence, a boot camp is the “I’m finally sick and tired of being sick and tired workout. It’s the “I’m serious about transforming my coach potato body into a sleek, tasty sweet potato fry workout.” The BodyFit Boot Camp pits you against your doubts, procrastination and denial in a no holds barred, knock down, drag out conflict for the title of:


See you at boot camp. 


PS. Tai Chi Kung beginning May 8 at Branch Brook Park.
Free Pre-Boot Camp continues Saturday. 1 sessions remaining.




5 Responses to “There is more than one way to skim the fat.”

  1. Rob Britt Says:

    Positive reinforcement is nearly always the best tool for any job. That’s why I stress having an accountability/workout partner. A group scene just multiplies that.
    Good post.

  2. JoAnn Says:

    I agree with the group mentality! Without the bonds of the boot camp group I never would have stuck with my workout program. The group and being outside is a winning combination.

  3. Kymberly Says:

    So true – to stick with activity it has to be FUN, rewarding, positive. Exercising to avoid something can only last so long. Exercise to GAIN something is motivating!

  4. Kazi Says:

    @ Rob- an accountability workout partner is a great way to stay on track. we are more likely to ditch on ourselves, than on a friend.

    @ JoAnn- this is one of those cases where a group mentality is a plus 🙂

    @Kimberly- exercise to Gain. I’m going to have to steel that one. Hope you don’t mind.

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