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Never leave the table feeling: “I could not have eaten more.” May 2, 2010

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The human animal is one of the only if not the only creature that has set aside 3 times a day to gorge itself on bulky meals. Most animals graze throughout the day. Predators hunt when hungry and once satiated may not eat for days and sometimes weeks. Humans consume large meals at a sitting until our bellies are about to burst.  We then find something to occupy our time until the appointed hour of the next obligatory feast.

This three feast a day pattern we adhere to can be dangerous.

It is part and parcel of the man made system of social control that is designed to make the eight hour a day, 5-6 day a week labor system operate like a well oiled machine. Prior to the industrial revolution, this eating cycle was not universal. Often, when I suggest to clients whose goal is weight loss, that they should begin eating a minimum of 5 meals a day; the reaction is often a long pause, a startled stare or an outright “how can I do that”. For most working people with commitments and the like, it’s hard enough keeping up your present schedules. Adding 2-3 extra meals to our list of things to do can sometimes be a bit much.

By decreasing the portion size of our meals, incorporating healthy snacks and supplemental meals like smoothies, you can get those 5 meals in easier than you think. All it takes is a little planning and commitment.  Soon enough your old eating habit will be replaced by your new sacred lifestyle nutritional ritual.

You should always feel satisfied after a meal, but have room in your tummy to eat more (but don’t).

Eat to Live! Don’t Live To Eat!


Tuesday May 4 is the Official Jump Off

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See you at boot camp.

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2 Responses to “Never leave the table feeling: “I could not have eaten more.””

  1. Love this advice! It also holds true and works beautifully for people who suffer from heartburn and related upper gastrointestinal tract issues. They have a lot less discomfort when they eat 5 or 6 small meals a day instead of 3 larger meals.

    Who knew the Industrial Revolution could cause such a gastronomical eating problem?! 🙂


  2. Kazi Says:

    Thanks for the info on the further benefits of grazing (5-6 smaller meals). Simple but safe, effective and efficient. Luv it.

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