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Buddha Belly Blues May 17, 2010

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I was at a barbeque yesterday (yeah, I get down like dat. What, what?)and a friend of the family asked me-

“What exercise can I do to get this fat off my belly”?

This is a question every fitness professional has been asked over a hundred times or more.  The six pack is the ultimate symbol of fitness and beauty in today’s youth oriented society.

I preceded to share the common knowledge in the fitness community (although sometimes hidden) that “there is none.”

There is no one magic exercise for eliminating belly fat or any other body fat for that matter.

Crunches, sit ups and the entire host of core training exercises will not eliminate belly fat, no matter how disciplined you are about doing them. What they will do is give you strong, well defined abdominal muscles that will remain hidden behind a burka of fat.

A burka is a over garment warn by women in many Muslim communities around the world. It hides the women’s body and face, protecting her from the gazes of the opposite sex and protects the men from having their lustful thoughts stirred up.

Belly fat can do the same thing for you.

Your tight, strong, intense workout defined abs will never be the focus of attention.

Only you will know just how strong,toned and beautiful they are.

But your not married you say. Oh, well that’s different. You should have said something earlier. To get rid of the belly fat that not only hides your sexy abs from the world, but is also a major risk factor for heart disease, you will have to make some dietary changes.

Bottom line, six pack abs are the result of a combination of proper diet, core strength training and aerobic exercise.

You need all three to get the abs you want.  To save time you can do intense interval training that delivers both strength and aerobic training benefits.

You can still get the beach body you desire in time for you summer vacay or weekends at the beach. Contact me at 973-658-6055.

BodyFit Boot Camp – Branch Brook Park

Mornings: Tuesday, Thursday 6 AM – Saturdays 7 AM

Evenings:  Tuesday, Thursday 7 PM – Saturdays 7 AM




9 Responses to “Buddha Belly Blues”

  1. Fun and Fit Says:

    Oh so true! Lots of keggers and 12 packs hiding those 6 packs. Isn’t it amazing that so many people still look for the magic route?

  2. smgsolutions Says:

    It’s important for people to realize that fitness is a process and way of life. It’s not a magic pill or beverage. Just as with anything in life it takes diligence, consistency and patience.

  3. Rob Britt Says:

    good information here Kazi. Too many people still think youcan spot reduce!
    one note, It was tough for me to read this because of the different colors and font sizes. (I’m color blind)
    sometimes bigger is better (just not bellies)

    • Kazi Says:

      Rob, thanks for the note about the text. Other may be having the same problem. Been having trouble with wordpress reducing the text size (among other things). Will get to work on a fix.

  4. jaymeson jiles Says:

    funny entry – especially about “you’re not married, you say?” lmao! yeah – not married, buddy!

    i guess i was looking for something i haven’t heard or am not doing. but tried and tested, it is true. the combination (including proper sleep and spiritual workouts) really do wonders for the fat off the body – PERIOD!

    thanks for the post..and you get down with barbecue? is that kale or seaweed? 😉


    • Kazi Says:

      Ok Jaymeson, so you got jokes too. My BBQ game is hard body. Chicken & fish scurry when I walk into the yard.
      Glad you mentioned the spiritual workout. Will be doing a post on this soon.

  5. Deb Augur Says:

    Woot! Thanks for this… I diet and exercise but still can “pinch more than an inch” in my mid section (Ouch… did I just admit that??) I don’t do aerobics, other than dancing on Friday nights. LOL. Ok, I’ll add aerobics from now on.

    • Kazi Says:

      Bravo Deb! Coming out of denial is the first step to a six pack. 🙂
      Another suggestion is to restrict your complex carb (grains, pasta, starches) intake to b4 or after your workout, and preferably early mornings. Late evening/night carbohydrate consumption is Satan to your sexy ab goals.

      “Get the behind me Satan”

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