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The Omega Man (SOD) June 3, 2010

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Yeah I know, it’s been a minute. A brother has things to go, people to do, places to see and a whole lot of smoothies to get.(no typo)

That said. Here is a recipe to knock some insense into you.

1 cup         frozen strawberries

1 handful   kale leaves

1 tbs.         Udo’s 3-6-9 DHA oil

1 tbs          hemp protein

1 tbs          Berry Greens

1 tbs          ground flax seed

1 eye dropper stevia extract

Cover with water

Blend until it’s as smooth as you like.  This is a rich, omega fortified, high fiber blast of smoothie luv. The flax seed gives it a chewiness that you usually miss with smoothies. If you wanna be the last man or woman standing, drink a heaping cup of this everyday.

Warning: may cause super human strength, x-ray vision and shape shifting.  Void where prohibited.

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2 Responses to “The Omega Man (SOD)”

  1. Fun and Fit Says:

    Hi Kazi! I hope all is well out your way! I wondered where you had gotten to. Nice to have you back posting!

    • Kazi Says:

      Hey Kim. Yes, I’ve been M.I.A. for a while and will probably be on and off for some time. Launching some new projects. But I know that you guys are out there making sure the people get the real skinny (pun intended) on fitness, with a little tongue in cheek thrown in for good measure. The world is in good hands.

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