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Quench July 7, 2010

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It’s time for me to fess up. I’m not an 8 x 8 everyday health and fitness trainer.  Let me make it clear on this 90+ degree day. I don’t drink eight – 8oz glasses of water everyday. Their, I said it. It feels good to be out of the closet.

I have learned over the years, to listen to my body when it comes to choices and schedules of various activities. I’ve noticed that my body, mind and spirit respond best when I repeat the practices that leave me feeling vital, alert and balanced and avoid those things that weaken, dull and throw me off my game.

One thing that is particularly clear to me is  that water taste exceptionally pleasing to me in the summer.  The hotter it gets, the better it taste.  Nothing taste as good a cold water in the summer season. I take this as my bodies way of seducing me into drinking more water.

At the same time, I don’t have as much of a need to hydrate in the colder seasons. Yes, I do drink water and other beverages, especially teas. But the urge is not as strong and the taste is not the same. So I go with the flow.  So far, it has worked for me.

I know, you’re like “duh, everybody knows that.” But do you really “Know It”?  Have you taken a moment to contemplate the significance of that perception or is it relegated to the overcrowded backburner of personal natural phenomenon that make you go huuumm?

We have more important fish to fry, like the latest political or entertainment celebrity scandal. Who has time to contemplate why food and water can taste differently under different conditions? Who cares anyway?

Pardon me, I digress.

Hydration of your body is essential to maintain optimal health and performance, especially when the temperature rises to extreme levels. So don’t neglect to drink to your hearts content.

At the same time learn to listen to what your body is telling you about your lifestyle. How do you feel when you get up after 6 hours, 8 hours or 10 hours of sleep?  Is your vegetarian diet really the best diet for you?  Yes, it may have helped you lose 50lbs, but is this the best that you can feel, on a daily basis?  Is your job killing you? Literally.

Lie detectors measure  your body response, not your mind.  Why? Because the mind is a trained liar.  It will lie to you and others to defend it’s beliefs, conditioning and ego. Your body doesn’t lie. It wants noting more than to survive. Trust what it’s telling you.

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