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No Justice, No Peace, No Healing April 23, 2010

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I’ve been involved in the health and wellness movement here in the US for quite some time. I have seen great progress in the raising of awareness around the need for common folks to take more of a hands on approach in creating a healthy life for themselves and their families.

But there are a few things that have always rubbed me the wrong way when it comes to the healthy living mindset. Some of us limit health and healing issues to personal concerns like diet, exercise, stress management and the usual suspects that impact upon our personal health and happiness. Surprisingly, this thinking is still prevalent among many health and wellness professionals.

The origins of healing as a profession or specialty can be traced back to the traditional Shaman.  Practically every culture on earth had their version of the shaman or medicine women/man. She was the go-to gal when one became ill and needed expertise beyond the home remedies that were common knowledge in the community.

But the Shamans scope of practice was not limited to personal illness. In addition to the common villager. The shaman was consulted when the tribal or clan leader was confronted by social dynamics that were new or just beyond the leaders and his councils collective wisdom.  The shaman job, was to bring new insight to a problem that had eluded the leadership.  This could be in situation involving politics, economics, spirituality, etc. No major decisions were made without the Shamans input.

The point being that health (wholeness) was not seen as personal.  It was viewed as a force that required the full participation of everyone in the tribe.  That included humans, animals, plants, nature, the living and the dead. The heavens and the earth. As the native Americans would say: “All of my relations.”

No man is an island. We can not be healthy in a sick family, a sick community, a sick society, a sick environment or a sick world. The circle of life is broad and touches us all for better or for worse. Wholistic healing requires that we address all members of the body of life. The present day health practitioner must be the model for the human family and lead the way to planetary wellness by removing our professional blinders and addressing social and environmental injustices that plaque the planet.

I’m not advocating that we all become activist. But in our role as educators and coaches, we must address the issues that stand in the way of human evolution and human healing. Antiquated belief systems, oppressive social orders and anti-environment technologies need to be challenged. You don’t have to become an expert to say “Sorry, but I just don’t agree”, when presented with diseased thinking. No need for argument or debate.  Let you life, your light and your effect upon the world do the talking.

Enough of my rant. Here is a great article on 13 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day by my friend Susan Levinson. Great stuff we can all do TODAY to make a better tomorrow.

A better world is possible


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