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The 6:00 AM Booty Call May 1, 2010

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Shortly after sunrise this morning we conducted the final session of Pre-Boot Camp.  Each year I run a fitness boot camp in my local park – Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ. For those who are not familiar with the boot camp type of workout, it’s a group exercise program that in some ways mimics the physical fitness portion of the military boot camps that are used to train our troops.

Participants are put through a series of exercises that challenge their present fitness level, forcing them to reach down deep and find strength that they many times didn’t know they had.  Boot camp workouts vary from place to place.  Some like ours, are held outdoors, others indoors. Some rely on the use of an assortment of equipment, while at the other extreme, some focus on body weight exercises.  What goes on in boot camps is pretty up to the training, philosophy and creativity of the instructor(s) running the camp.  The common denominator is the assurance of a kick ass workout.

I do the Pre Boot Camp each year to give prospective boot campers an opportunity to:

  • get a hands on experience of the actual workout
  • determine if this is the type of exercise they want to do
  • get to meet and bond with the other boot campers
  • get to meet me and determine if I am the trainer they want
  • start developing the habit of waking up at the crack of dawn to get the workout done
  • begin to develop the strength and endurance required to last the full BodyFit Boot Camp workout

Out of the 10 who attended over the last two weeks, 8 have committed to register for the full Monty. In addition to 1 previous client and 2 who are registering just on word of mouth.  I applaud each and every one of them.  It is not easy to make a commitment to improve your health.  It requires changing old habits, taking action instead of complaining and putting yourself first.

Most of my boot campers are mature women, with families and careers that have been their chief priority, main consumer of their energy and devourer of their time for most of their adult life. Taking care of themselves was just one more thing on a long list that kept getting pushed to the back of the shelf. For them, just showing up at boot camp or any other healthy living program, is a huge step.

I urge you all to take a page from their book.  Help yourselves, so that helping others does not become self sacrificial. Leave the martyrdom to the prophets and soldiers. Hats off to all of my boot campers. We have a great 16 weeks ahead.

Make Today, The First Day, of The Best of Your Life



Tuesday May 4 is the Official Jump Off

BodyFit Boot Camp – Branch Brook Park

Mornings: Tuesday, Thursday 6 AM – Saturdays 7 AM

Evenings:  Tuesday, Thursday 7 PM – Saturdays 7 AM


Side effects of boot camp may include: weight loss, muscle tone,

increased energy, libido and cat calls.

In essence, a boot camp is the “I’m finally sick and tired of being sick and tired workout. It’s the “I’m serious about transforming my coach potato body into a sleek, tasty sweet potato fry workout.” The BodyFit Boot Camp pits you against your doubts, procrastination and denial in a no holds barred, knock down, drag out conflict for the title of:


See you at boot camp.

PS. Tai Chi Kung beginning May 8 at Branch Brook Park.
Free Pre-Boot Camp continues Saturday. 1 sessions remaining.