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The Omega Man (SOD) June 3, 2010

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Yeah I know, it’s been a minute. A brother has things to go, people to do, places to see and a whole lot of smoothies to get.(no typo)

That said. Here is a recipe to knock some insense into you.

1 cup         frozen strawberries

1 handful   kale leaves

1 tbs.         Udo’s 3-6-9 DHA oil

1 tbs          hemp protein

1 tbs          Berry Greens

1 tbs          ground flax seed

1 eye dropper stevia extract

Cover with water

Blend until it’s as smooth as you like.  This is a rich, omega fortified, high fiber blast of smoothie luv. The flax seed gives it a chewiness that you usually miss with smoothies. If you wanna be the last man or woman standing, drink a heaping cup of this everyday.

Warning: may cause super human strength, x-ray vision and shape shifting.  Void where prohibited.

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Smoothie of The Day (SOD) May 24, 2010

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I luv smoothies. Why? Because smoothies fit neatly into my philosophy on health and fitness.  K.I.S.S & S.E.E. On top of that they’re tasty.

Smoothies exemplify the K.I.S.S. formula: Keep It Small and Simple. Especially if you own a Magic Bullet blender. You can just add your ingredients blend one cup and take it to the head.

The prep is about 5 minutes. The clean up is 1 min and your are on with your day. With a conventional blender, the clean up is a bit longer but you can make enough for the family or enough for the day. Just put the extra in a cool thermos and your off.

Smoothies are also Safe-Efficient-Effective (S.E.E.) You don’t have to worry about what’s in your smoothie, because you are making it yourself. No labels to read and chemistry to figure out.

You can get a complete meal in your smoothie. You can customize it to your particular dietary needs. In addition to the live food ingredients, you can add whatever supplements you may be using at the time. Green powders, fiber, herbs, etc. Now that’s efficient for you. Did I mention, no plates or utensils are needed.

Last but not least, smoothies are effective. The blending jump starts the digestion process, getting nutrients into your bloodstream quickly. And they taste great.  This means your more likely to consume them regularly and so will your children.

Are you having trouble getting your child to eat greens. Try this smoothie recipe and watch her beg for more.

1 big handful of berries

1/2 sliced peach

1/2 leaf green chard

1 tbs. maca powder

1 tbs. hemp protien

1/3 eye dropper stevia extract

crushed ice (or use frozen fruit)

add enough water to almost cover

blend to smooth.

I like a thick but flowing consistency. Play with recipe to achieve the consistency you like. For an adult I would use an entire green chard leaf. You be the judge with your child.

Would luv to hear how your little experiment turned out. Leave me a comment about your experience.

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