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Home Fitness Gym – Convenient, Efficient, Effective September 3, 2010

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Home fitness gyms are becoming more and more popular and even more affordable as people recognize the need for fitness programs to improve their health and wellness. Each year there is increasing evidence of the benefits of exercise to improve your health, including decreased cholesterol and blood pressure, improved sense of well-being, improved energy levels, and a decreased risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

Home fitness gyms are on the rise because they are convenient, time saving and private. Many people who are starting a new program feel self-conscious at the gym where everyone is watching everyone else. The added benefit of the personal trainers at a gym is often outweighed by the cost of lost privacy and decreased convenience. Personal trainers can also be hired to train you at home or consulted for a short term to develop a program that you execute at home.

Home fitness gyms are also convenient because you are not dependent upon the hours of a gym. You can get up early and work out before going to work while still showering at home.

When you are choosing the equipment for your home gym look for a device that is designed for multiple functions. The home gym should also be safe, reliable and within your price range. These gyms don’t need to be expensive to provide the you with an effective workout. As technology advances the gyms are becoming more affordable while providing more variability.

When you are in the market for a home gym also be sure to evaluate the space in which you plan to keep, use and store the equipment. Sometimes there is a trade off when you are evaluating a home gym that folds efficiently and one that is more bulky. Often the gyms that use your own body weight are stored easily in a closet or under the bed making working out in your home even more attractive.

There is a home gym on the market to fit just about anyone’s needs. Gyms can be adapted for those who have disabilities; others are better suited to those who want an intense workout consistently and still others may meet the price range, availability and customer service needs of the client. What ever your choice you should make an attempt to try the home gym at the store or do extensive research to read reviews of real people who have actually used the product.

Home gyms are a real benefit to people who have a desire to improve their health but at the same time want the convenience and privacy of working out in their own home. As sales increase and technology advances the possibilities for home fitness gyms expand each year. Home or at the gym? The choice is yours.


Hip Hop Hop Hop Hop ……. July 15, 2010

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The research on the health benefits that people receive when they exercise is beyond refute.  Blood pressure and cholesterol decrease, energy levels increase, weight is lost and the over all sense of well-being that results from consistent exercisers is proof positive.  One exercise often overlooked in a fitness program is jumping rope.

Jump rope exercises are an excellent cardiovascular program according to the US Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Council.  It is also among the exercises recommended for conditioning by the American College of Sports Medicine. There is less damage done to client’s joints and it isn’t as hard on the muscles as jogging and running.

During running and jogging the foot absorbs up to five times body weight from the force of impact against the ground.  During jump rope exercises, because both feet hit the ground simultaneously, the shock of hitting the ground is controlled and absorbed by the calf muscle.

Did you know that 10 minutes of jump rope exercising is equivalent to 1 mile of running? You all know I’m an efficiency freak when it comes to my workout.  This is the only fact I need to know. Count me in.

There are many advantages to jump rope exercises:

  • improves heart efficiency
  • improves lung capacity
  • promotes physical coordination and agility
  • greater ROI (return on investment of time) than jogging.
  • probably the cheapest fitness equipment purchase you will make

Start with the right equipment –   Shoes should be supportive with good lateral stability; they will prevent ankle injuries and save wear and tear on the joints.  Cross training shoes, tennis shoes and basketball shoes have great lateral stability built into the shoe.  Be sure they are real tennis shoes, built specifically to play tennis and not generic shoes purchased at the department store.

Use the right jump rope.  The rope should be heavy enough to develop a steady rhythm and long enough that the ends reach your armpits when you stand on the center of the rope.  The handles should be thick and comfortable.

Try to use a floor that has some cushion that will reduce the impact to your legs.  A floating wood floor, like on a basketball court, is significantly better than the concrete floor in your basement.  Even better is jump rope exercises done outside in the grass.  The ground provides cushion to your joints and resistance that means more energy expenditure for you.

Warming up and cooling down will help you to prevent injury and improve your flexibility.  Warm up exercises can be a quick walk, climbing the stairs for a few minutes or jump rope exercises slowly.

It is common in the beginning to feel uncoordinated and miss the rope.  Don’t give up.  You will notice improvement, increased coordination and flexibility within a few short days.

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Don’t Be Scared! July 8, 2010

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95+ weather is not an excuse to skip your outdoor workout (read- boot camp). This is just the mind once again, offering up what seems to be a logical argument for self sabotage. Resist, resist, resist.

Do you know why human beings are at the top of the food chain (sorry my veggie readers), it’s because we are masters of adaptation. When nature served us up those sour lemons….., you know the rest.

Don’t let extreme hot weather initiate the beginning of what can easily become a quick decline into exercise absence.  Use your common sense and take pre-cautions to safeguard your health and minimize your discomfort.  Here are a few simple tips:

– schedule your workouts for early morning and evenings after sundown. it may still be warm but the worst is either over or yet to come.

– drink water before during and after your workout. staying hydrated on a hot day is essential to a safe hot weather workout.

– take it down a notch. the heat is doing part of the job for you. your heart rate is naturally raised to push heat out of the body via the skin, while still providing oxygen and nutrients to the organs and muscles.

– workout in shady areas that are slightly cooler than it’s surroundings. every little bit helps.

– dress to de-compress. loose fitting cotton clothing is the way to go

– get in/get out. none of those extended 2-3 hour workouts. keep it Safe, Effective, Efficient.

So let’s get back out there and show the Sun “who’s boss of me.”  And if all else fails, hit the pool.

BodyFit Boot Camp

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Put me in coach June 17, 2010

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It’s been exactly 12 days since my last post. Compared to last month, when I was pumping a post out everyday, this is a sad representation of my productivity potential.  Fortunately, I know that I am being just as productive, but the medium of my expression has shifted temporarily.

Overall, the last two months has been extraordinarily productive for me, as far as writing is concerned. Last month (really April/May) I was involved in the 30 day blog challenge, organized by Connie Green
@ConnieGreen , Build Your Online Empire –  In this challenge, over 50 bloggers committed to writing a blog post of at least 150 words, everyday, for 30 consecutive days.

I know within myself, that I would not have done this on my own. And once I had publicly made the commitment, knowing that there was a group of people expecting to see a post from me everyday, there was no turning back.  Connie’s challenge, although posed to the group became personal for me.  I had to prove to myself, I could meet the challenge.

Since my involvement in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, my followers on Twitter has grown by over 300,  Before starting a blog and joining the challenge, it took me a year to get 100 followers.

Four weeks ago, I entered the 6 Weeks to Sunrise project.  In this weekly teleseminar, Vernon Muhammad  –
@thehighroad and HighRoadism – has challenged us to achieve an extraordinary goal in 6 weeks.

The goal that I set for myself is indeed extraordinary, for I would never have challenged myself to accomplish, what I am accomplishing right now as part of this project.

My goal for the end of this project was to launch a new business venture from just an idea and book at least one public speaking engagement.  To my surprise, by week three I had already booked 2 (one I have already fulfilled)  and have commitments for two more.

The amount of content I have produced- from written goals and weekly task, web content, to white papers, surveys, and USP’s (and occasional blog post) and execution- calls, written correspondence, follow up,  in the last four weeks, is unusual for me.

I have always been a mood writer. I write when the spirit moves me. But the purpose of having a coach, is to learn how to encourage, train and harness the power of the spirit.  To move out of your comfort zone and into The Outer Limits. To be on the edge and allow yourself to become intimate with your un-comfort zone.

This is what we do as fitness coaches and personal trainers. We challenge people to Show Up, Step Up and Shake Up their usual routine. Coaches and trainers create challenging situations and allow their clients to experience and overcome discomfort.

This proves to them that they are capable of not only getting through it, but rising above it.  In the process they realize that discovering the flexibility of their perceived limitations, can also be a lot of fun. As they meet their health and fitness goals, that reward is the fuel that feeds their fire for greater challenges and higher expectations for themselves.

Many times, people hire coaches and trainers, not because they have know idea what to do.  They hire us because they have no idea how to get themselves to do it.

If you want to do more than you are doing, produce more than your are producing, reach higher than you are reaching, I suggest you find a coach/trainer that specializes in the area of performance you’re involved in. Whether it’s in business, health, sports, relationships or whatever, the expertise, accountability and encouragement of a coach will go a long way.

Let them be the fire underneath your feet and the blazers of your path, until running becomes your preferred means of travel.

health . wealth . wisdom

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Buddha Belly Blues May 17, 2010

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I was at a barbeque yesterday (yeah, I get down like dat. What, what?)and a friend of the family asked me-

“What exercise can I do to get this fat off my belly”?

This is a question every fitness professional has been asked over a hundred times or more.  The six pack is the ultimate symbol of fitness and beauty in today’s youth oriented society.

I preceded to share the common knowledge in the fitness community (although sometimes hidden) that “there is none.”

There is no one magic exercise for eliminating belly fat or any other body fat for that matter.

Crunches, sit ups and the entire host of core training exercises will not eliminate belly fat, no matter how disciplined you are about doing them. What they will do is give you strong, well defined abdominal muscles that will remain hidden behind a burka of fat.

A burka is a over garment warn by women in many Muslim communities around the world. It hides the women’s body and face, protecting her from the gazes of the opposite sex and protects the men from having their lustful thoughts stirred up.

Belly fat can do the same thing for you.

Your tight, strong, intense workout defined abs will never be the focus of attention.

Only you will know just how strong,toned and beautiful they are.

But your not married you say. Oh, well that’s different. You should have said something earlier. To get rid of the belly fat that not only hides your sexy abs from the world, but is also a major risk factor for heart disease, you will have to make some dietary changes.

Bottom line, six pack abs are the result of a combination of proper diet, core strength training and aerobic exercise.

You need all three to get the abs you want.  To save time you can do intense interval training that delivers both strength and aerobic training benefits.

You can still get the beach body you desire in time for you summer vacay or weekends at the beach. Contact me at 973-658-6055.

BodyFit Boot Camp – Branch Brook Park

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There is more than one way to skim the fat. April 29, 2010

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Whenever I hear a fitness professional, insisting that success in reaching health and fitness goals is based on the ability to force oneself to do the things necessary to achieve those goals, I get a little peeved.

Pushing the idea that will power is the be all and end all
to making changes in one’s life that make dreams come true,
can be the death of any chance at success
for at least seventy five percent of the general population.

Everyone is not a type A, Alpha female, self motivated, go getter. These are just the facts on the ground. Non-constructive criticism doesn’t help someone struggling with sticking to a workout schedule or diet. It just reminds them of past failures and creates doubts about their ability to be successful in the present. 

The latest research in the field of motivation confirms
the position that positive reinforcement is more effective and long lasting than negative reinforcement.

So why do some professionals still cling to this philosophy?

I think most are just ill informed. Some use their own character as a baseline for how everyone else should respond to difficulty. This tunnel vision doesn’t allow them to consider other possibilities, nor resource alternative  methods for motivating clients.

A model I have found to work wonders for those struggling
with making life changes are Group Fitness classes.

Group fitness when done properly can serve as a social support to the individual members of the class. In the boot camps that I run, I’ve witness members organically form friendships that extend beyond boot camp. 

Group members motivate each other by:

  • encouraging each other to push harder
  • being a reminder of why you joined the class when doubts arise
  • assisting each other with challenges that could interrupt attendance
  • sharing information like recipes, amateur sports events, discounts on equipment, local restaurants to get healthy meals, etc.
  • celebrating milestones in there wellness journey together
  • car pooling to boot camp sessions

Our motto  at BodyFit Boot Camp – Branch Brook Park:
“It’s easy to quit when no one is expecting you to show up.
It’s impossible to quit when everyone is cheering
when you show up.”

Showing up for your own goals and dreams is 80% of success.

Being part of a supportive group increases your motivation to show up. Showing up is keeping your word to yourself. The power you derive from this simple action becomes the seed for the manifestation of dreams in every aspect of you life.

Let’s show up for our dreams, for ourselves

and for our kindred spirits support group members.

Show up and show each other the way. 


Tuesday May 4 is the Official Jump Off


BodyFit Boot Camp – Branch Brook Park

Mornings: Tuesday, Thursday 6 AM – Saturdays 7 AM

Evenings:  Tuesday, Thursday 7 PM – Saturdays 7 AM


Side effects of boot camp may include: weight loss, muscle tone, increased energy, libido and cat calls.

In essence, a boot camp is the “I’m finally sick and tired of being sick and tired workout. It’s the “I’m serious about transforming my coach potato body into a sleek, tasty sweet potato fry workout.” The BodyFit Boot Camp pits you against your doubts, procrastination and denial in a no holds barred, knock down, drag out conflict for the title of:


See you at boot camp. 


PS. Tai Chi Kung beginning May 8 at Branch Brook Park.
Free Pre-Boot Camp continues Saturday. 1 sessions remaining.




Workout of The (Rainy) Day April 26, 2010

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Here is one you can do with minimal equipment. A set of dumbbells and a stability ball will do the job. It’s down and dirty. No frills. No time to look in the mirror. Don’t worry, the results are coming. Trust me. You can adapt the weight to your fitness level and your goals. Today, I used a set of 15 lb.ers (not a typo).  My goal was maintenance of my present fitness state via a combined cardio/strength workout.

If your goal is to get a little more definition, use a weight you find more challenging for you. For less of a cardio challenge, rest between each exercise.

10 minutes warm up on Schwinn Airdyne stationary bike.

Do each set back to back. No resting between sets.

Maintain a rhythm throughout. No seesawing.

20 Bent Rows

20 Dead Lifts

20 Bicep Curls

20 Shoulder Press

20 DB Squats

40 Stability Ball Sit Ups.

Rest 2 min. between sets

Rinse and Repeat

Do as many sets as you can for 20 minutes.


PS. Free Pre-Boot Camp continues Tuesday. 3 sessions remaining.